Tuesday, August 12, 2008

that's just wrong

From the
Daily Mail...

It is hard to believe she was one of the most prolific actresses of the 1950's and 60's.
Her face is devoid of make-up, her hair is untidy and she is dressed in jogging bottoms and trainers.

he comment on Inside Edition was" her flowing blond hair is the only hint of the beauty that once belonged to the former glamorous movie star" who also made the incredibly "bizarre'" choice of changing her name to Clara Kappelhoff , a combination of a character she once played and her own pre-Hollywood last name.

An animal rights campaigner, she lives alone on her 11-acre fortress-like ranch. Neighbors have said the only time they see her in public is when she rounds up stray cats and dogs to take back to her estate

The woman obviously needs to be institutionalized. I'm certain she is a danger to herself and others. ;) <----notice international symbol for 'just kidding'.

Doris Day is still one of the most beautiful women in the world, inside and out. (btw, she's 84.... I'd like to look that good at 64!)

And on a related note...

China picked a 'cute' nine-year-old girl to mime at its Olympic opening ceremony after deciding a seven-year-old with a 'flawless' voice was not pretty enough to perform.

Rejected: Yang Peiyi (right) was banned from singing live at the Olympic opening ceremony and replaced with Lin Miaoke (left) because her teeth were crooked.

And may I add my disgust at the fact that this 'switch' was a "last-minute decision"....so I'm guessing little Yang was dressed and ready to go, family and friends waiting expectantly for the talented 7yr. old girl to perform for basically the entire world. ....how cruel.

Is it any wonder that young girls are troubled and depressed about the faces they see looking back at them in the mirror.

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Steve said...

Great post, Dear! I try to remember we are in the world, but not of the world. I think it says more about the people commenting about Doris/Clara than it does Doris/Clara. What kind of world are they living in that they expect everything to remain the same and stagnant. Life grows and changes, that is the adventure.