Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Out......

...and Moving In!!!!!

We spent most of Saturday loading Brad's belongings into a trailer and unloading them in his new (and disturbingly enuf, kind of dirty) apartment in Fresno. It was amazing how much stuff we took up; the apt. is unfurnished and tho Brad said all he needed was a couple folding chairs and a TV....his mom wanted him living just a bit more comfortably. Not to mention the fact that he might look suspiciously like some sort of psycho....just sticking around long enuf to plant the bomb :)

The kids had fun setting up the furniture, playing the x-box in unfamiliar territory, cooking, and of course in the case of 'Pops'...napping. It was a long, hot, tiring day but kind of exciting. Our young man is on his own for the first time in his life. He has no car, will get around on a bike and a long board, and plans on coming home with a buddy who works in Fresno...when he decides he misses us (or needs to do a load of laundry).

He will be living right across the street from the football stadium...Saturdays will be interesting...and 3 blocks from a neighborhood that looks slightly akin to South Central LA....eek! Mom is very happy that his building is gated and that you need a pass to get into the parking lot, especially since that is his front yard (5 minutes in the apartment and I'm calling to complain about the location, to no avail).

We finished the day at the Dog House Grill. Sam said that if he were going to Fresno State he would be at the Grill every day! Huge TV's (too many to count) all tuned into some sporting event and great food to boot (the best Salmon sandwiches on the planet!). We promised the kids that we would attend a football game this year. With Sam not playing for COS, I figure it won't kill me to go to another football game....just the one tho ;)


Tesa said...

Ohhh Meg you lucky woman my oldest is only turning 13 next month LOL. If you are missing any kids and feel you need more please call me i have a 10 year old gurl that would make you OH SO HAPPY K:P

julie said...

that is actually nicer than our place.

Maureen said...

It is a nice apt...and it'll look even better once I paint! (plus it's almost as big as our house) I asked the apt. manager who showed us the place if we could paint and he said, "I'm not sure"...I'll take that as a yes :)