Friday, February 6, 2009

More Tots

This last weekend was so lovely (temps in the 70's - my apologies to those of you residing in the Midwest) that I decided to plant some more potatoes. These are the ones we had purchased intending to eat, but since they sprouted I decided to go ahead and use them in the garden.

We used the barrel (made in USA) that we bought last month...

...and planted them about 2 inches deep. Potatoes can be planted anywhere from 1 to 6 inches deep depending on how you want to harvest them. Some people even set them right on the topsoil and just cover with straw, making it that much easier to dig them up. Since this is my first year growing potatoes, I feel more comfortable with them in soil.

Also, I think (famous last words) that with our more temperate climate (tho it is supposed to get chilly next week) ours will be ok at this depth (deeper would keep them warmer). We intend to cover these with straw as they grow. Next week I'll post on the ones out front and the process of 'hilling up' to cover the growing spuds.

The ever popular cat guard.


Chorus said...

What a clever cat guard!

inadvertent farmer said...

I too am doing potato barrels this year...I wish us both luck...and lots of great potatoes!!! Kim