Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pantry Raid

Ok,  my kitchen sweep for High fructose corn syrup (herafter referred to as 'the offending ingredient' or simply 'crap') proved to be not nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  Here are all the products in our house that contain the offending ingredient.  The stack is actually smaller than I thought it would be and several of these products we don't use that often anyway.  It shouldn't be too hard to replace most of these items with healthier versions.  In fact, I think I'll let this be the guide for my pantry replacement challenge.   
I'm planting pickling cucumbers in the garden this year, so I will add relish to my list of 'things to can' as well as pickles.  Strawberry season starts in a couple weeks and we live about 3 blocks from the field where they are grown and sold.  Only problem with that plan is that we all LOVE strawberries and I'll have a hard time making jam before they get eaten. I guess I'll just have to buy 3x as many and make the jam immediately.  

I found a recipe for ketchup and we're growing loads of tomatoes this year. Hopefully, we'll get a better crop than we got last year.  Not sure about the Apricot pineapple jam, which I use in one of our kids favorite recipes (along with the dried onion soup mix).  I guess I can buy apricots at the Farmers market and settle for non-local pineapple (aren't they grown in Hawaii?).  I'll get back to you on that idea, as well as the enchilada and Worcestershire sauces.  

  We are taking a road trip on Sunday to visit Brad in Fresno, so we'll stop by Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to see if we can find REAL chocolate syrups...did you know Hershey's is made with Genuine Chocolate flavoring?  

 Finally, hiding in the back there is the ever popular health food - Cocoa Puffs, which on any given day could be replaced with Fruit Loops, Cocoa Pebbles or Captian Crunch (known as 'the Captain' to our youngest son - who is 17yrs. old BTW:).  That particular food item may not be off the shopping list until said child moves out of the house.  But hey, he will eat an entire bag of carrots (withOUT Ranch) in one sitting (I know cause he leaves the bags all over the house).  So I guess I can cut him some slack when it comes to his breakfast cereal choices.  Besides, his older brother gets on him enuf already about his diet; at 20yrs. old Sam has discovered the benefits of eating healthy and is intent on 'converting' his little brother.  

So there you have least 4 items I can replace with homegrown or local produce...several more that I will search out recipes for homemade versions to least 'clean up' the ingredient list and a couple we can replace with healthier versions.  I'll keep you posted.


Chiot's Run said...

I made several kinds of chutney this summer (roasted pear, peach and green tomato). We have been using these instead of catsup and it's a fantastic option!

I was thinking about you today, I made some granola bars (sans corn syrup, they used honey). I thought about your pantry challenge to make items instead of buy them.

Maureen said...

Do you want to share the recipe???

(hint hint)

ps. the chutney sounds yummy....see above question :)

Jeano said...

(when I first saw the title I thought it said "panty raid" !)

Anyway, I admire you! I'd love some of the recipes. I still need to take a first step at trying to grow something in our yard besides weeds.

Nancy W. said...

You can replace the onion soup with dehydrated onion and beef broth! Hmmm ... I'm checking my dehydrated onions right now!

Julie said...

Okay...I'm scared to do this with my pantry! I'm lucky that my kids don't eat a lot of junk food. They really prefer fruit and I've been known to limit Emily to 3 clementines a day! I am planning to grow tomatoes this year. I'm interested to see how you make's one of the four basic food groups at my house!