Monday, March 2, 2009

Things I Love

My internet freind and fellow sarcastic blogger Mandy (her rants are right up there with the best of my Verizon tirades) tagged me with this blog award...poor thing obviously has no freinds ;) <-----universal symbol for 'just kidding'.   Seriously, I do appreciate it Mandy (and the rest of you go check out her!)

The rules are as 7 things you love and tag 7 people with the award.  I am, of course, going to change the game just a bit...mostly because I don't have 7 friends (and I'm not kidding) and because several of the ones I'd like to give this to are fairly new bloggers and might also be hard-pressed to tag 7 people.  So, for MY game, the rules are.... name 7 things you love and tag up to 7 people ...or just enjoy the award, bask in the glory, and don't think about the fact that you have no friends ;) <---again with the symbol.

Ok, my list would have to include...

1. My family

2. My God

3. Gardening

4. Photography

5. Quiet mornings with a cup of coffee and the newspaper

6. A good book to read at night (with a cup of tea)

7.  Getting packages in the mail

Now I would like to tag...

Crunchy Christian Mom  <------this is a new find...wonderful blog and she's in the valley!


Jeano said...

I'll do my best with this one.
Maureen, I truly am honored to be considered your friend!

Julie said...


And you and Mandy run neck and neck in the rant department. Your Real Simple rant was superb! :) said...

Congratulations on the award -- all of you!!!


Tesa said...

Meg you are the cutest thang :P but I hear ya on the not having 7 friend bloggers lol. I will do my best though :P

Ohh by the way MISS YA GURL :P