Monday, March 9, 2009

Cause we are really tired of Broccoli

Peas....Yippee Yahoo!

...and the last of the broccoli got picked from the front yard garden...I'm making soup:)


Jeano said...

Sounds yummy! We'll be right over! :)

Kim Safina said...

The Journey Continues ~

I love Broccoli!
I hope to see you while I am in the valley.
Libbykins is crashing at my beach house and I am going to the valley. What is up with that???
You should check out my youtube.
you can see it on my blogspot too!

How is the family? EUHS?
Teaching? Life? Church?
Exeter? ~ I have been enjoying the new mural that Jana Botkin is designing. WOW!! She keeps me updated. What a gift from the Lord that girl has with a paintbrush or a pencil!

With "Heaven Bound" blessings,
Kim Safina

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

We love broccoli, but mine didn't do so well. I'm sure I did something wrong. We just got lots of tiny little heads, no big ones. And my peas are up, but they are WAY behind yours! Well, it's all a learning experience, right?

And you should definitely go visit the dairy -- but wait until June when they'll start a new cheesemaking session. They weren't actually making the cheese while we were there.