Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garden Tally

Steven and I are participating in the Freedom Harvest Challenge over at Freedom Gardens.  The challenge is to see if their members (right now they have nearly 2500-and anyone can join) will reach a total of one million pounds of produce in their collective gardens for the year.  They have even done the math for us - 400lbs. each.....eek....but we're in!

January we harvested 20lbs. from broccoli, cauliflower, pecans, and a few oranges.  This month we got another 28lbs......

9 lbs. broccoli - that translates into about 11 heads plus the side shoots

10 lbs. pecans

4 lbs. cauliflower - 6 heads

3 lbs. blood oranges

2 lbs. lettuce - we eat salads about every other night and have unlimited lettuce, but it's very light :)

This month we will be eating the last of the brocoli, which is probably a good thing; our kids love broccoli but even they have reached their limit.  We should be getting some peas (Wilson's favorite) and I'll harvest the spinach to blanche and freeze (love it in lasagne).   Plus the orange tree has about 10 more oranges on it (we pick them as we need I love citrus trees, they're like nature's 
refrigerator :)  Not sure about the onions and potatoes...they are both going strong but I think we won't be digging either of them up until at least April.

Someday I should probably try to figure out if we are actually saving money with the garden;  for now I'm just happy to have fresh organic produce when I want it.  And we are really learning the concept of eating seasonally. 


inadvertent farmer said...

Great post...I have never considered weighing and figuring out how much I grow.

I will go check out the challenge...thanks, Kim

Maureen said...

Yeah! This is my first year keeping track also's kind of fun and kind of intimidating. There are some serious gardeners out there and I tho I've been getting my hands dirty for 20 years, it's been more for pleasure (and good food:)

We are looking at our garden a bit more purposefully this year.

Chiot's Run said...

WOW, that's very exciting. I'm participating as well, although I've only harvested a half a pound of lettuce. Although the ground is still frozen. Here pretty soon I'm going to kick it into high gear here at Chiot's Run. I'll have to set a goal, HMMM how much do I want to go for?

Maureen said...

Well our totals will look pretty measly compared with you 'real' farmers once the snow melts. But we are determined to become as independent as is possible on a quarter acre city lot.