Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walk around Exeter...and a good friend

Before Christmas, I was asked by a very good friend to write a letter of recommendation for a mission trip she is going on. Now usually when asked to write these kinds of letters (hey, I get asked) I cringe and get out the Thesaurus...looking up new and different ways to say interesting and loves a challenge (code for psychotic and a trouble maker). This time however, it was a very simple task....I didn't have to LIE...mostly ;)

Nancy, who I have known for ...ahem ...25 years, is someone I am proud to call my friend....truly. She is talented, funny, selfless, sarcastic (love that part) dedicated, faithful and an all-around great gal. If I run out of gas in the middle of nowhere (which actually exists about 7 miles from our house) she would be the third call I would make (let's be honest, my hubby and sis top that list....they HAVE to come get me :)

We go to lunch together several times a month now,
and it's always such a treat.

Plus I combine it with my walks around town...I ride back with Nancy to the school where she teaches and walk home from there (less than a mile....small town).
Once in a while I bring my camera.

On this day we had just gotten a bit of rain....wish that happened more often!

...pantry post tomorrow, I promise :)


Julie said...

I'm in love with the first picture...those mountains are beautiful!

Nancy Winningham said...

Wow! thanks Maureen. I feel like a celebrity. Want to have lunch either Tomorrow (Wednsday) or one day next week? I'm going to Scicon on Friday.

Maureen said...

Of course I would! Let's go next week tho...I'm TRYING to finish up some photos for a friend.

Just let me know what day is best for you :)