Monday, October 19, 2009


Everything you'd want in a baseball game.

Beautiful Stadium.

Very big baseball.

Good looking kids.


Exciting plays.

Strange mascots.

A bit of rain.

And a bit more.

Drunk fans with accents (behind our kids).

Bright lights.

And the home team wins!


Steve said...

Great time and great post. The one minor thing you left out is the home team closer started the 9th with a 6-0 lead and made a fairly well played game into something close and exciting.

That's when the drunk fans with accents came out in force.


Maureen said...

...well said :)

Mandy said...

love atlanta ..... my hometown!!

Maureen said...

Very cool Mandy!

...any chance one of those 'drunk fans with accents' is a relative? :)