Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Favorite color is Orange

We have been growing Bell peppers all summer. They've been small but numerous and quite delicious. BUT....they rarely (no matter how long I leave them on plant) turn color. We did get several purple, but out of 18 total plants, we got 1 orange and 2 red peppers...
...What's that about?


Pampered Mom said...

We had a heck of a time with peppers this year too. I don't care for green peppers all that much, but *love* the red, orange, yellow, purple, chocolate, etc peppers. We planted several varieties this year and got a few orange peppers, but that was about it.

Our red ones were the worst as it seems once they got ripe enough the ended up with some kind of blight. It's been one very odd growing season, that's for sure!

Steve said...


The peppers were small but good.

PM, Yes something would get them after they were mostly ripe. Any ideas?


Maureen said...

When you say blight...what are the symptoms? We had trouble with a weakening in the walls on one side of about half the peppers. Kind of looked like sunburn but it was happening too consistently to be that.

Once that started they just didn't seem to grow much in size and of course they had less 'meat' on them than they normally would. The only reason we got a significant amount of usable peppers was that we planted so many.

And yes dear, they were delicious. I just want to know how to deal with this in the future if that's even possible.