Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's not Snow

...It's our security system!

I want to share more of our trip to Georgia (hi Sam) but thought I'd sneak in a bit of gardening fun as well. In the future we plan on doing most (if not all) of our planting from seed, but this year we will be cheating (again) by using transplants. It went from 100degrees to 80 this week so I'm starting to panic, which I always seem to do at this time of year.

Our first bed is devoted to broccoli, 8 plants went in yesterday. We'll probably be planting around 36 total; we eat a lot of broccoli. I think it's the only veggie that everyone likes (still arguing peas vs. beans even with just 2 kids left at home).

So, into the freshly-tilled dirt go the broccoli seedlings....

....followed by the ring of eggshells to discourage snails and slugs....

...and then some diatomasceous earth to further inhibit creepy crawlies, specifically pill bugs. Those little suckers are voracious!

Finally, the ever attractive cat-guards to restrain our feline friends from using the conveniently prepared bed as a litter box.

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