Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Home Run!

Just had to brag on our son today. Friday the team played their last regular season game, a must-win to go into the playoffs. Sam has struggled all season with hitting, he can bunt better than anyone on the team and is a terrific outfielder, but can't seem to hit the ball hard (except during practice). It wasn't a close game but still.... Sam finally put the ball in the air - twice - one double and....ta da...a HomeRun...with 3 RBI's. That's his dad congratulating him coming around third base; it's his second home run EVER so he was quite happy (plus we got the ball). Now if he can just carry that confidence into the playoffs.....
... and that's his totally overjoyed little sister....she really just wants Mom to stop taking photos and get out of the dugout....hey, I didn't even get the camera out until Sam hit the home run.

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