Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Excuses excuses..

I warned my daughter as we were driving to the orthodontist yesterday that if we got into a rumble at the office, I expected her support to me - or at least to refrain from rolling her eyes in disgust. She got the brace re-glued (19hours and counting) and we had to listen, yet again, to another list (apparently over the weekend they thought up a few new ones) of reasons why the glue wasn't sticking (enamel too smooth, concave tooth so glue doesn't get a tight hold...etc.) I do admit these are a bit better that the impossible biting action but forgive me if I remain a bit skeptical....Are my DD's teeth that different from the general population, have you never run into this issue before, and here's a new one....JUST FIX IT!

The nurse actually did sort of apologize..."I know you don't want to have to keep coming here and we're doing the best we can" ....apparently we were the talk of the office after my tirade on Thurs. I did have to correct her tho, and say that my issue was not so much having to come back, but having my daughter go the weekend with a broken brace when they could have just waited the 15min. and taken care of it. She then looks at her and asks..."it's not that bad tho, next time it happens (?!?) you can just put some wax on it, it's no big deal?......... FOR YOU!
...I need cheesecake...


Nancy Winningham said...

The next time it happens?????????

Maureen said...

My reaction exactly Nancy, it's all starting to make sense now...the contract really gets them off the hook in a lot of ways.