Friday, May 4, 2007

Good friends

My friend Nancy (she LIKES my hair) reminded me today (in her blog) of the importance of friendship. While I was whining over my orthodontist fiasco, she wrote of the wonderful afternoon we spent together shopping and running errands (and dissing the relatives).

Thanks Nanc for helping me get my priorities straight.

And while were on the subject of my good friend Nancy (did I mention that she LIKES my hair) I should also tell you that she is an amazing seamstress (and all -around great gal)....check out her blog....encue creations


Nancy Winningham said...

I'm honored and flattered - thank you
And aren't girls amazing? As frustrating as they can be (of course this is only what I've heard from other people ahem...) they are just amazing creatures. There's something just so different about a group of girls together that is very different than a group of boys. Keep them all at your house - you'll enjoy every minute.

Maureen said...

Amen to that Nancy, I love being around girls cause I get to HEAR stuff....boys are so much more action oriented. It's just plain easier to 'read' my lovely princess...for better or worse (usually the latter:).