Monday, May 21, 2007

Tea and sympathy

Was asked to do pictures for the mother/daughter tea on Sat. No real pressure (except my own self-imposed) because they are just going to print them out as a thank-you to all the moms. It's my daughters dance studio that put on the tea (fund-raiser for dance camp) so it was fairly low-key. Went early to check out the lighting and it was abysmal, as were the backgrounds (dull cream). I don't do well with flash anyway and this was the worst, the flash produced huge shadows behind their heads and was terrible on skin tones. I made attractive women look bad (yeah, I should definitely be considering doing this for money).

The problem now is that no amount of Photoshopping is going to make these acceptable (at least not with my limited skills) and I will probably be ruining any chance I have to do future senior pics with this group....I can't imagine any of them being impressed......

Man, am I a fountain of joy today or what? I did get a good shot of this beautiful little girl....Candids are really my forte, but there's just no $ in hoo.


Nancy W. said...

You better let me have a look at those pictures and give you an honest opinion from someone who is not as hard on you as you are!

Maureen said...

thanks Nancy, I suppose they are not as bad as I make them sound and maybe I need to stop hanging around (via the internet) with so many talented pros, but I was just disappointed. And I am self-serving enuf to want to look relly good for potential customers. The bottom line is, it's more a Photoshop thing than a photography thing....I really believe if I had more PS skills I could make these better. The one of the little girl is not all that great in it's original form. It needed cropping and color adjustments etc. It's a much better photo after some post-processing. I can do some, just not enuf to do miracles....oh well.