Sunday, October 14, 2007


Just finished reading '90 minutes in Heaven' by Don Piper....good book. For those of us believers it's a wonderful affirmation of our faith. For those of you skeptics, it probably won't convince you of anything. But the guy is real and what happened to him is real and God is real and Heaven is real and if you choose to not believe that...well, can choose to go straight to Hell (that's real too)... :)


Nancy W. said...

I want those flowers in my yard - and I will have to look up that book.

Maureen said...

I'll lend it to you soon as Steve is finished reading it!

Tesa said...

sounds like a good book and yap hell is real too dunno why ppl think its not......and i have a pet peeve when ppl say that living on this earth is hell LOL plssss they aint seen nuttin yet lol