Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sports Illustrated here I come...not!

I just opened a Professional account in Smugmug...alert the media!

As much as I want to someday start taking senior pics (for $$$) I seem to have fallen into sports photography...and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I honestly think I have a fairly good eye, but I'm just not sure I'm up to the task. One of my photog books makes the encouraging assessment that sports photography is the most expensive type of photography to get into...what were the odds?

Most sports guys carry around 2 with a shorter lens and one with my wish list 400mm lens (blue book value of around $6,500...yikes!) Not going to happen in the very near future...or as we say in the Garver house...not until we win the lottery. And frankly, if I win the lottery... the type of photography I'll be doing is travel photography.

Anywhoo...I just got finished pricing my pics and that was an experience in and of itself...who would pay to buy my photos...who am I kidding...what colossal ego...what a disaster this will be...what was I thinking... did read the part in my bio where I mentioned my pessimistic nature?

...more pessimism later...

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Tesa said...

Meg you are a GREAT sports photographer :) and I would pay for YOU to photograph my kids for sure :)

These are great I love seeing your sports shots! good luck on your adventure and just think, if you start charging you can start saving for your expensive type of photography hehe and that LENS! lol