Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Go Bo Sox

Being that I am living in a household that lives for baseball, I would be remiss to not at least mention that the Garvers were THRILLED to watch Boston win the a sweep. Tho the negative consequence of such a stunning victory is that the baseball season is now over. For the next 4months we will have to be content with other...lesser...inferior sports (sorry Sam-there are 100 reasons baseball is better than football...not the least of which is no cheerleaders!)

Brad Mills came to visit the Exeter HS FCA (fellowship of Christian Atheletes) after the first Boston World Series win. Here he is with Morgan and our Brad, and below with Steve. Brad and Steve played baseball together at EUHS and COS.

My youngest son would be mortified to see this old he is with his best buddy Daniel as they root for the Sox in the series win in 2004 - no dressing up this year (he's 16....nuf said).
I emailed this to Brad after the win...can't buy that kind of loyalty!

Our Brad wanted to compare his Conference title ring (COS swimming) to Mr. Mills...slight difference in size, but hey.... Brad (Garver) gets to wear his :)

Brad is extremely generous with his time towards his Alma Mater...was instrumental in helping Steve raise money for the baseball program at a local golf tournament.

We take our devotion to the team very seriously...these are styrofoam pumpkins...that means permanent.

Also, wanted to mention that God (as well as Brad:) got a nice write-up in Curt Shillings blog ...38 pitches(see sidebar). Quite a few wonderful Christian men on this team...makes the win that much more special.

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