Monday, October 29, 2007

Proving my point

I happen to run across this ad in National geographic yesterday...OK, I was watching TV and my DH found it, I was gonna read the magazine...eventually. The point is, see that little camera around the neck of most of these guys (notice the arrow)...the extra camera they carry around, that's similar to what I am using to shoot sports right telephoto lens. It's a 70-200mm 2.8 lens and I love it!... great lens... expensive lens...only lens I'm gonna be using for sports for a LONG time (not withstanding the whole winning the lottery issue). Kind of intimidating to say the least. I guess I will just stick to High School sports and be happy with the equipment I've got.

Contentment has been easier to find in certain areas of my life than in others. Photography is one of the others...I'm always wanting more and better stuff, thinking that it will make me a better photographer. Fact is, just like in life, contentment is not a product of our surroundings, it has to come from within or it's pretty useless. If I can learn to 'be content in all things' and find peace in my situation happy with my house, my car, and even my family...then I can certainly find it in my photography.

Sometimes I just think that God will not want to be involved in the trivial, he's got a war to watch over, diseases to heal, prison inmates to know, important stuff. So I hold back, I don't give it to God because I don't think He'll want to be bothered. Or maybe I secretly think He'll take it away....I'm afraid of losing something that I am attached to. Wouldn't want to chance that!

Does anyone else ever wonder why it seems to be taking a lifetime to learn the simplist things? .....geeeez
Lord, teach me to trust you like I did when I was younger....teach me what I knew then.

Special thanks today to Ruth... who, in a comment on 365 blog, said she thought I should be selling my made my day Ruth!!!


Photography by Ruth said...

You are so funny! You are that good Meg!!! Thanks for the shout! I was more impressed that you thanked you Heavenly Father who gives you the talent and blesses you each day with what you need to be able to soar!!!

Go for it!

Maureen said...

Amen :)