Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bon Voyage...or some such crap

It's 8:20pm and tormorrow is D-day. Georgia or bust. The big trip.
Tonight we relaxed over Seinfeld and a delicious pizza dinner (delivered - I'm not messing up my kitchen) and now we're all working on those last-minute chores (which for our 18-yr. old includes packing....boys!). I'm finishing up the washing, packing things we needed to use today, freezing leftover veggies and cleaning up the house. We have a van picking us up at 4am tomorrow morning (eek!) to take us to the airport in Fresno. Boarding passes are printed, itinerary double-checked....ready to go. Sort of.
For the last few days (months) I've tried to keep my mind off the fact that we will soon be traveling thousands of feet above the ground in a huge ROCK! Despite the number of years man has been flying though the air, not to mention in space, I remain skeptical as to the physics behind lift versus airspeed of a vehicle with that is 150ft. long with a take-off weight of 140,000 lbs. (don't you love Wikipedia?). Things this big just shouldn't be able to stay in the air, and of course that's my fear, that it won't.

My dad was a pilot in the Navy, used to take-off and land on aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean. After he retired he had the use of a friends prop plane and I remember sitting in the co-pilots seat on more than one occasion. With my dad at the controls I was perfectly relaxed......sort of. When we would run into a bit of turbulence that felt like driving over a tickle hill, putting my stomach pretty much into my mouth, I tensed up. But I could ask questions. I could wonder what the heck was going on and Dad would calmly explain what had caused the sudden 'bounce' of the aircraft. I do not have that luxury on a McDonnell Douglas Super MD-80 (formerly DC-9). I don't know who the guy flying it is (odds are it's not Capt. 'Sully' ) and I won't have any say if/when things start to go south (like I would know what to do anyway). I do not like to fly, and I'm fairly certain this trip will not change that. Bye all!

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I can hardly wait for pictures!