Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey...that's MY egg!

Well, we definitely have an egg lover in the family....and the chickens can definitely not be let out in the morning (that's usually when they lay). Our little hound-dog found the nest the birds had been using as an alternate to the nesting boxes, and promptly ate the egg.
Well, not quite so promptly, first he brought it into the house and then he ate it...fiend!

We've since learned that the secret is letting them out later in the day after they've layed their eggs. It's also much easier to 'round them up' as they naturally go back to roost in the coop at dusk (pics to follow). The good news is that they are now consistently laying in the boxes....the bad news is that since we've contained them, they haven't been laying as often (we read that might happen; they need to get used to the new set-up...some sort of 'chicken stress').

Here was my dinner the other night (kids were gone).....scrambled 'from our very own chicken' eggs with zucchini, green pepper, tomato and onion, topped with home-made salsa....Yum :)

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