Friday, December 4, 2009

Bah Humbug

Spending the next few days cleaning and storing stuff so we (I) can decorate the house for Christmas. I love having all the decorations up but hate the process of getting them up. Especially when the house is a mess (when isn't it?).

The mantle is almost empty....and ready for the Santa collection.
Tho I suppose I'll need to get rid of the cobwebs (which photograph amazingly well:)

The kitchen is a disaster...
...and I need to make jam today (leftover cranberries).
One of our goals before Sam gets home (one the 20th, we are thrilled) is to put up the cement board on the backsplash and paint....I am now officially accountable. be continued.


inadvertent farmer said...

You're kitchen picture just made me feel so much better about myself, lol! Kim

Maureen said...

Then my job is done Kim :)