Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas without Shopping???

What the Garvers will be doing during Christmas vacation..forcing our kids to watch (yet) another documentary;
but doesn't this one look like fun?!?

...and the best part....I WON IT....yippee yahoo!

I recently discovered a new blog and entered to win a copy of this movie. I enter these things all the time and hardly ever win (tho this was the second time in 2 weeks, more on that one later)
Most importantly, I've found a very good blog with some great ideas on spending less money, being a better steward of our resources and giving more to others, plus she's funny and sarcastic....but nice.
My kind of gal!

Go see what Aldra has to say at Consciously Frugal...and enter to win her latest give-away (hint:good music). If any of my 3 readers goes there and enters, I promise to keep my Irish good luck out of the contest...
...and I might even loan you my new movie:)

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