Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Blueberries have Arrived!

Our blueberry experiment has begun. We received 10 blueberry plants in the mail last week; 2 varieties for cross-pollination and just in case we kill a few, which is really why this is called an experiment.

Our soil is on the alkaline side (clay) and blueberries take an acidic soil...hence it will need to be transformed with the addition of peat moss (I know, not very sustainable but it's what our garden center carries).

These are Southern Highbush varieties,
recommended for our hotter summers.

For now I've planted them in pots, half peat/half potting mix, so we'll have time to get the bed ready. These will probably not get put into the ground for at least a year. I'm buying a soil test to see exactly how to amend it for the best results, and at least 3 will go into barrel planters permanently so I can control the soil and location.

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