Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dark Days Week 5

Our local meal this week was a repeat of our 'test' meal...
....minus the strawberries.
We are getting hooked on grass-fed beef, tho I still need to work on getting the burgers off the grill with a bit of pink in them.
(I considered adding some in photoshop, but decided to go with the truth, warts and all:)

So for dinner we had-

Grass-fed local beef hamburgers with local mustard and onions from the farmers market...
home-made buns, catsup, and relish...back yard lettuce and one of last tomatoes picked this year. 2 more are sitting on our kitchen windowsill, can't believe we're eating garden tomatoes in December!

We also had my husbands new favorite, sweet potato fries dipped in more home-made catsup. We like the catsup, but I'm still looking to perfect the recipe so I won't post that.....too much cinnamon in this one (and I halved it).

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