Wednesday, January 7, 2009


That is a pillow in the back of the photo ...MY pillow to be exact. And I guess the more gramatically correct description would be 'was a pillow'. Good thing he's so darn cute :)


Jeano said...

I just laughed when I saw this (sorry)! I bet your cute little puppy had a LOT of fun!

Julie said...

Jasper ate the legs off of one of Emily's Barbies last night. I thought he was chewing on one of those bone things at first.

We should start a support group! :)

Julie said...

Just checking in and saw the Steven Wright quote at the top -- I think he's hilarious! One of my favorite things he says is "I came home one day and someone had replaced all my furniture with exact replicates." :)

Maureen said...

Jean, he is a pretty wonderful dog and smart...notwithstanding the pillow incident. We knew we would have to get thru the 'puppy stage'...just forgot how bad it can be.

LOL...Julie, you and I are going to have to have a contest on 'items ruined by dog'.....check back in a month....take pics!!!

and BTW - love your Stephen Wright quote...tee hee...he is one of my favorites also. I'm going to change the header every week with one of his quotes.