Thursday, January 15, 2009

Local Food

Our neighbor is like many people in California who own citrus trees and don't bother picking and eating the fruit. We benefit from this....considerably...and I don't think we appreciate it the way we should. I was on a blog just yesterday where the gal was waxing poetic about the delicious grapefruit that she had splurged on and what a rare treat it was (I'm sure she was back East somewhere). How spoiled are we?

I pretty much take for granted that someone will be giving us citrus. One neighbor is our supplier of limes, another friend 2 blocks away and a relative within 1/4 mile both give us oranges (enuf to juice and freeze), my brother gets lemons from his landscaping clients (and he  shares) and now we have a supplier for our grapefruit fix.

So today for lunch I had home-made bread and grapefruit....can't get much more local than that!

Take a look around your town, your neighborhood, chances are there are few fruit trees that are being ignored. Picking the fruit would benefit your family and might actually help someone who only sees the tree as a mess to clean up after. Couldn't hurt to ask.

(and Jean - we appreciate all the grapefruit we have gotten from you guys, I just didn't want to assume we'd take yours.... we will, I just didn't want to assume :)


Jeano said...

We have lots of grapefruit! You're welcome to as much as you want!!

Maureen said...

Thanks Jean...tho you may regret that statement :)

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

My parents have Meyer lemons, and a grapefruit tree hangs over their fence from a neighbor. Plus we have oranges hanging into the alley behind our house! Last year we drank fresh orange juice all winter, and I froze three gallons of lemon juice so we'd have lemonade for the summer! I better go check on those grapefruits!

Chorus said...

No citrus this far north, sadly, but this is the first year that I've done something with the apples that grow in our yard. I made apple sauce and used them in stuffing (or dressing) for Thanksgiving turkey. It does feel good!

Julie said...

That orange in the picture looks delicious!