Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pantry Challenge

Just to let you gals know, if you are participating in the Product Replacement challenge, I'll be posting Monday with my recipe and results (it turned out to be something different than planned...what were the odds?). Let me know when/if you get your post up and I'll do a recap summery and post links to your blogs. If you can't manage it by then, no worries, just let me know and I'll put them on later in the month .... I don't know about you but this month sure went by faster than I expected!


Mandy said...

I have a great idea for my first one ... I even think I have all the ingrediants ... its a pretty lame one BUT I figured I needed to start easy!!!!

Maureen said...

Oh goodie....my first one is easy (aka pretty lame) also!!!

Julie said...

I'm not quite ready to replace stuff and make everything myself...but I am starting project "clean out the pantry and cook what's in there!"