Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Baaaacccck !

I really missed being on the computer for the past couple of days (tho I did manage to post a few comments). We had to completely reformat the hard-drive and are now working at getting our files and programs back up without re-introducing the virus. Thanks Mom for the Norton....that should help. I'm hoping to get Photoshop running today, most of my pics are too big to post before shrinking the files down.

Pretty amazing what I got done with no distractions tho...amazing or just plain sad. I completely cleaned up the back patio, did 6 loads of laundry, canned 2 batches of juice (will post on that tomorrow...need photos) weeded the garden, finished a book....whew!

As fun as this blogging world is and despite the many wonderful people I've met online....there is a whole other world here at home (imagine that). So I guess maybe I need to learn to discipline myself a bit better as far as computer time goes....or not :)

Something else we did out in the three dimensional world this weekend was to purchase a planter barrel (made in US) for another batch of potatoes. This is my first year growing potatoes and I'm still kind of experimenting with planting times. Most books and articles are geared for spring planting and even our local Master Gardener recommends March (tho I didn't read that until AFTER I planted mine in November). Thankfully tho, about half of the potato plants are up and seem to be surviving the cold, tho they are very slow growing right now. I'm sure this past week of 70 degree weather has been wonderful for them but that's supposed to end tomorrow.

Anyway, I bought some red potatoes which ended up sprouting before I could use them, so they are going into the planter next month. I'm hoping the weather cooperates and we get enuf warmth towards the end of Feb. to get them started; they should be ok on my windowsill until then.
I will post on the potatoes that we've already planted sometime this week -again, I want photos. We dug up the parkway strip in front of the house and put little mini-fences around them so people walking by or parking their cars wouldn't step on them. It's actually the most sunny spot in our yard and seemed wasted with just the weedy flowers that were growing there. Not sure if we'll continue doing this tho, it'll depend on whether people mess with (aka steal) the veggies. Not that I don't trust my fellow human beings, but certain things might prove to be a bit of a temptation, say a ripe red tomato. For now, I'm thinking not many people walking by are going to... a) know these are potatoes ...and... b) have a shovel handy to dig them up :)

Last summer a good friend of ours planted zuchinni in her parkway and said she did lose a few but most people left them alone. For our summer crop I'm thinking of trying peanuts! (yes, another underground plant....I have trust issues)


Julie said...

Yeah...I'm always amazed at what I get done when I don't have computer access. It's embarrassing! (But apparently not enough to keep me off the computer at 5:49a.m.) :)

Maureen said...

LOL...there have been times I have commented or emailed someone and was tempted to say that the time stamp was obviously malfunctioning :)