Friday, September 5, 2008

Annies Red Room

Ok, it's not done yet, but I just needed to see some kind of progress. Did you know that when you paint with red it takes a minimum of 4 coats of paint, and I'm thinking 5 will be the final tally. And that's after a coat of pink (actually that's after a coat of pink....a coat of red that turned out to be too dark....then another coat of pink to cover that goof....then 2 coats of red and counting). Wouldn't be so bad if it was the whole room, but with different colors it's the line between the walls and the one at the ceiling that become problematic (that's high-brow talk for 'pain in the ass'). I just don't have a real steady hand and the thingie I bought to help (something called 'sure-line' with little wheels and a pad that is meant to go along the ceiling and create beautiful straight lines) works intermittingly....which is to say, not too much. I threw it away after the first coat....I will be doing a lot of re-touching.

Today, the 3rd coat goes up, and tomorrow the 4th and possibly final.....yea!

ps. the window actually opens out to the pantry off the kitchen. Steve thought is was cool, kinda like the old classroom windows that opened out onto the hallway in school. And it's handy when the cats want to get in and out of the room :)


Nancy W. said...

Yes - ask me how I know that! Our living room ceiling took 4 coats and it really could use another. But, I love it anyway - and that's a really good read in Annies room

Maureen said...

I totally forgot you did a red room Nancy....aren't they just fun :)

We are headed to Home Depot today to buy more paint....only a wall and a half and I've almost used a full gallon....eek!