Friday, September 12, 2008

Steve and the Beanstalk

I have no idea what the hand signals mean that my wonderful husband is making while standing in the garden (but don't you love the German tourist thing he's got goin' socks and all :) I just wanted to show the scale of the pole beans in the background that are threatening to overtake the playhouse (aka storage)....Steve is 6'2"...these are some big-ass plants. Too bad I didn't save the pkg. from the seeds....if only to avoid buying them next year. Oh, I don't mind the size, it's actually a wonderful way of hiding a rather unsightly storage area for junk. It's just that for all their glory these vines put out only a minimal amount of beans, about enuf to provide a side dish for one meal....sigh. The bush beans were so incredibly prolific, and pole beans are usually more so. I figured we'd be freezing enuf green beans to get us thru the winter....bummer. I did save the pkg. from the bush beans....Classic Slenderette...those I will be buying bulk!


Julie said...

Now that we're in a home of our own, I want so badly to have a garden with fresh, home-grown veggies. I can't keep anything alive, though. Even my aloe vera plant didn't live and aren't they almost impossible to kill?

German tourist...haaahaahaaaa! :)

Nancy W. said...

i've only grown beans once - and I got so few per plant that I never did it again.