Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lunch at the WIldflower

My older sister (she hates when I call her that) came to visit last weekend, from Mt. Shasta. She actually came to check up on Mom but the 3 of us had lunch together while she was here and it was wonderful. We spent hours chatting on all manner of subjects...laughing and eating and berating the errant members of our familial tree. Mom remarked that she couldn't remember the last time just the 3 of us got together. I said I was fairly certain that we hadn't....ever.

Anyway, Stephanie is an amazingly wise and pragmatic woman who is much more vulnerable than I ever thought. She is an ICU nurse with nerves of steel and sometimes she seems to have it so all-together as to be intimidating. Over the past few years she has become so much more real and approachable....I really like her!

We spend our lives comparing our insides with everyone
else's outsides
-author unknown


Steve said...

Isn't it interesting how we evolve and things we don't do often, lunch together, turns out reinforcing things we forget.

It would have been nice to have a picture of all three os you. Can't remember when that happened.


Maureen said...

A picture would confuse people as to who is actually the 'older' sister.

Steve said...

I don't believe that.


Julie said...

That is a nice picture. It just looks happy. I'm glad you had that special time with your sister and mother.

The relationship with my sister is strained at best. Honestly, if she was just some random person, I would not be interested in having her as a friend. It makes me sad.

Maureen said...

That is sad Julie....but I can say that both my sisters have become more important to me as the years pass. I don't think I appreciated either of them for the longest time and I'm sorry for that. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try...and trust me I speak from can't make a relationship with a family member who you don't respect enuf to have as a friend.