Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relay for Life

My Mom was on the front page of the Newspaper !!!

Betty Derr, right, and Joanne Rossetti of the St. Mary's Women's Guild at their booth at the Relay for Life at Mt. Whitney High School track. The event celebrates those who have survived cancer, and remember those lost to cancer with a relay. Teams walk and run around the track for 24 hours and take part in fun activities off the track. Funds raised at Relay For Life help the American Cancer Society to support local services and resources for cancer patients and their families. Funds also go towards cancer research and community education programs designed to teach people how to reduce their risk of developing cancer. This year's fundraising goal is $500,000.


Betty (aka Mom) has been doing the Relay for Life for over 10 years now, as well as working (volunteering) at the Cancer Society Discovery shop. She is amazing in her efforts and the amount of hard work that goes into the Relay is heroic. My dad died of cancer 17 years ago, Steve's mom died of cancer 7 years ago...... we miss them.


Julie said...

Cool! Your mom looks happy! My best friend, Shannon, walked on a team this past spring. The relay date was the one year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis. She's had a total hysterectomy since then and is doing well. She's my age (39) and the first of my close friends to have cancer. Unfortunately, probably not the last.

Tesa said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!! I have lost quite a few family members to cancer ITS A HORRIBLE sickness that we need to find a cure for!!!!! I loved the Relay for Life, it was my first year back in May and can't wait for next year. We plan on doing it every year :)

You're mom looks awesome :P