Thursday, September 25, 2008


..... I'm gonna get me some of that! Editor called, we had a great chat about writing, re-writing and not liking it when someone makes changes to your stories (she hates it too). I feel SO much better about continuing to write for the paper. We worked out a more efficient system of getting my work in earlier and working together on anything that needs to be changed (the sentence she added was because they needed a final score in the opening paragraph...oops!)

So I come, hat in hand, to make a public apology to my editor, the newspaper, and especially to my dear, sweet, patient, kind, patient, wonderful husband (did I mention patient?) who every day has to listen to my rants about the infinite unfairness of life in general.....poor guy :)

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Julie said...

It's part of the husband listen to us whine and just nod their heads in response!