Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Verizon story....hopefully the last

Called to cancel my service started on Sept. 28th 2006. Was told that I can't cancel on the 28th since my billing date was the 26th. I would have to pay thru Oct. 26th.

Me.....Are all Verizon customers set up to be billed on the 26th?

Verizon moron.....No, everyone is set up on a different date.

Me.... Is that date coincidentally 2 days prior to the service beginning so that you can charge for an extra month??????????

Verizon shill.....I don't do billing (seriously, that's what he said)

Me....(after rolling my eyes in complete disgust and a wee bit of disbelief)....Well, isn't that perfect; this is exactly the reason we're leaving Verizon.

After a minute spent waiting to speak to the supervisor (my usual, "let me talk to your supervisor" request) I am asked if I would like to pay my entire bill. No, as a matter of fact, send me a final bill and I'll pay (most of) that. Then I am told by this very nice woman (it's hard to be mad at someone who keeps calling you Ma'am) that since we are behind in our payment, they will be suspending our service and all billing stops so we won't have to pay thru October. I'm writing this down....and I have her name...Betty.

Moral of the story ..... occasionally it pays to be a deadbeat :)


Julie said...

I've had similar conversations with AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular). Wonder if all cell service reps train together?!

Maureen said...

LOL...but this is exactly why we are hesitant to sign another contract with ANY cell phone company!