Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cabernet Grape Juice?

Someday, we would love to try making our own wine (actually tried it once with different grapes and got vinegar...sigh). We planted these 2 vines about 4 years ago, got them from my brother and sister-in-law, and they are quite productive. Rather than just let the grapes rot on the vine and because they were pretty tasty, we decided to make juice.

Wash thoroughly, if only to get rid of spiders so kids will continue helping (wimps).

We actually do a bit more cleaning than is necessary...the juicer will take the fruit stems and all but then it has to be cleaned out much more often, so we get rid of as much stem as possible.

After washing we pour grapes into Juicer (bought on ebay...love it!)

This is a view of the insides of the machine....

I also strain the juice, you can see how much pulp makes it thru the juicer.

And the final stage of juicing ...dumping the pulp on the compost pile....nothing is wasted in the process....yea!

Seems like a lot of work for just 4 bottles of juice, but it feels better to not let the grapes go unused...and the juice is delicious. My favorite way to drink it is with sparkling water added ...what we call fuzzy water in the Garver house. I think it was Sam who coined the phrase when he was around 5....that's how it tasted to him...and the name stuck.


Steve said...

Cool Beans!

Julie said...

Looks tasty. Although I was hoping for pictures of you stomping the grapes a la "I Love Lucy"! :)